The breakfast

The residence’s tea room will serve you breakfast as well as refreshments and hot drinks, daily from 08:00 to 16:00.

Our reception will assist you with any table reservations for your lunch or dinner, in the specialty restaurant that suits you. Example: gourmet, Chinese, Indian etc….
For a good Tajine, we advise you to go to the TAJINE AOURIR restaurant in Aourir, 12 km north of Agadir. The little ones can also enjoy hamburgers, sandwiches with fries and take advantage of the games room and rides equipped to fill their time.

Catering in AGADIR

Appearing in 2nd position in the world ranking of gastronomy in 2017 by the British blog Worldsim Travel, Morocco offers you an exceptional culinary getaway. Marrakech, Fez, Agadir, or even Rabat, are among the most enticing culinary destinations. More than 15 Moroccan restaurants are among the 1000 best tables in the world listed in the “La Liste” ranking. Mint tea, Tajine, Couscous, or Pastilla, here are the best specialties that you can taste with a taste of coming back.


Spécialités typiques

Moroccan starters

Generally served at the start of meals, Moroccan starters are presented as an accompaniment to a main course. They differ from one region to another, but generally consist of a Moroccan salad of raw or cooked vegetables, Briouates stuffed with chicken or minced meat, a ratatouille of peppers and tomatoes which we call Tektouta and the famous Zaâlouk which is an aubergine purée. They may be seasoned differently, but each recipe brings its own flavor and color.

Main dish


The Tagine

It is the most common dish in Morocco. With a very special cooking method, and multiple versions, this dish never ceases to delight the most demanding tastes. Foods like fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, and sometimes nuts, prunes and apricots, are stewed with an indispensable set of spices to flavor it.


Of Berber origin, couscous is the emblematic product of Morocco! Present in all homes and restaurants, it is a convivial dish that is traditionally eaten every Friday. Prepared in different ways, vegetarian, around meat, fish or chicken, and even sweet, it is often accompanied by a “marqa” vegetable broth to enhance its flavors.



This dish, inherited from Turkish culture, is a traditional way of cooking lamb or beef, which is often stewed in a clay oven.


The pastilla

Served in puff pastry form, the fish, pigeon or chicken and/or almond pastilla is a totem of Moroccan cuisine. This dish with a thousand and one delights, pleasantly subtle on the palate, is made for lovers of salty and sweet.